What are Swiss Rose plant stem cells?

Swiss Rose stem cells never undergo an aging process but rather regenerate new cells as needed to maintain itself. Thus they are totipotent plants equipped with regenerative powers that facilitate renewed plant growth and production of new cells throughout its lifetime. Dermarose's exclusive formula is based on the regenerative powers of the stem cells from the Swiss Rose.

"Plant stem cells never undergo aging process but immortally give rise to new specialized and unspecialized cells, and they have the potential to grow into any organ, tissue, or cell in the body. Thus they are totipotent cells equipped with regenerative powers that facilitate plant growth and production of new organs throughout its lifetime. Unlike animals, plants are immobile. As plants cannot escape from danger by taking motion, they need a special mechanism to withstand various and sometimes unforeseen environmental stress. Here, what empowers them to withstand harsh external influence and preserve life are stem cells." 

How can the stem cells of the Swiss Rose help me?  

In young skin, the epidermis fully renews itself approximately every 4 weeks. This process continuously slows as we age. The number of skin stem cells decreases and their vitality diminishes. Excessive UV exposure of the skin and an unhealthy lifestyle (smoking, alcohol) aggravate these effects considerably, resulting in thinner, more deeply wrinkled skin. The hydrolipid film is reduced, which leaves the skin dryer and less well protected. As no new epidermal stem cells can develop during a person's life, it is all the more important to maintain the vitality of these valuable cells and their ability to divide as long as possible. By using Dermarose,you can boost epidermal regeneration in your skin by using the power of the stem cells from the Swiss Rose.  Researchers have discovered that plant stem cells contain epigenetic factors similar to those of adult human stem cells. Applied in the right way, they have a positive impact on the vitality of skin stem cells and their proper functioning.

"In other words, the stem cells found in botanical products mimic the action of human stem cells, in that they secrete the same growth factors that allow healing and cellular regeneration. This has been shown to reduce fine lines, increase collagen, and improve skin quality. Plant-derived stem cells (meristematic cells) can differentiate—or become—other cell types. Unlike animal or human stem cells, plant stem cells remain “neutral” in terms of their function. Plant stem cells are created by harming their source. The cells that then respond to the injury are called phenylpropanoids, which promote tissue repair. These are cultured and then used in skincare products to promote the repair of the skin." 
- New You Magazine

How long before I see results using Dermarose?

Results vary but within 17 days of recommended use, you will begin to see diminished wrinkle lines and smoother skin when using the face cream and less puffiness, dark circles and crow’s feet when using the eye serum. We recommend using Dermarose™ consistently for at least three (3) months to effectively see the difference in complexion.

What does PhytoCellTec™ mean?  

It is an acronym for Plant Cell Technology.

What makes Dermarose™ active ingredients so innovative?  

Our exclusive formula has made it possible to stimulate the vitality of skin stem cells for the first time. Extracts obtained from plant stem cells using state of the art technology have specific stem cell factors, which help skin stem cells regain their properties. Dermarose™ active ingredients have been shown to have a positive effect on cultures of epidermal stem cells.

Has Dermarose™ ever been tested on animals?  

Dermarose™ has never tested active ingredients on animals either during development or for proof of activity. The active ingredients were tested only on cell cultures and in the form of finished products on human test subjects. These highly specific tests were conducted in cooperation with renowned dermatological testing institutes.  We work with PETA and are Cruelty Free as well as listed within their authorized list of Cruelty Free vetted companies. 

Is production of Dermarose™ active ingredients sustainable?  

Often, rare and nearly-extinct plants that are classified as endangered species and thus protected contain especially valuable ingredients but may not be used in cosmetics. Thanks to the innovative PhytoCellTec™ technology, it is now possible to use even these plants for cosmetics. Only a very small amount of plant material is needed to produce sufficient, high-quality active ingredients, thus PhytoCellTec™ is a very sustainable technology.

What should I do if I have an adverse reaction to Dermarose™?  

Stop using Dermarose™ immediately.  Dermarose™ may not be the correct product for your skin.  Should symptoms persist, please seek professional medical attention.

How do I contact Dermarose™?  

You can speak with a Dermarose customer specialist at 866-396-6046 or you can email us at