Avocado Oil

The Avocado pear belongs to the Laurel family.

Although it is known as the Avocado pear, it is in fact not a pear at all only pear shaped.

The oil is extracted from the flesh of the Avocado by pressing or centrifuge extraction, this yields a lovely bright green oil, which is due to avocado’s rich chlorophyll content.

Avocado oil benefits are numerous, so lets dive right in and take a look.


Anti Inflammatory: Avocado oil is lovely for a sensitive, irritated skin, it contains potent Phytosterols that help to take the fire out of an itch.

Anti Ageing: Studies have found, that the oil can mobilize and increase collagen in connective tissue, helping to keep skin soft and mobile, this is why one of Avocado Oil benefits, is to help protect against ageing.

Cellular regeneration: The oil is also great for a thin, fragile skin, it’s restructuring properties is due to its high Sterol content, which is around 10%.

Research has found that repeated massage with avocado oil, gives significant hydration to the epidermis and significantly improves the skins elasticity.

This combined with its Anti Ageing properties, is why it is my ingredient of choice for a dry, mature skin type.

High Nutritive Value: Avocado is rich in Vitamins A, B1, B2, B5, lecithin, squalane and skin loving Fatty Acids, which is why it is such an important oil.

Hydrating: The oil is extremely rich in Oleic Acid. A wonderful moisturising and regenerating fatty acid, that is naturally found in human sebum (oil).


  • Avocado is a medium light weight oil
  • The shelf life is 1 year. Adding 1% vitamin E, can help to extend the shelf life
  • Combined with Macadamia oil, it has potent cellular rejuvenating properties
  • One of the Avocado oil benefits is that it permeates the skin quite deeply, making it a good carrier for Essential Oils. Apparently it has one of the highest penetration rates amongst other similar oils
  • Avocado naturally contains Lecithin and squalane, together they have powerful skin healing properties, which is why we combine them in our formulas to maximise effectiveness*

*The Naked Chemist